Thursday, October 11, 2007

There the money shot, First picture of IPod touch with 3rd party apps

Courtesy of Arisian over at MacRumors, The first picture of iPod touch “jailbroken” with apps.

It official, The Ipod Touch has being hacked and can run 3rd party apps.

So they have done it, a hacker called Niacin has released the iPod touch tif exploit that enables the ipod touch to be “jailbroken” and alouse us to put 3rd party apps on the iPod.
Whilst at the moment it is possible to add the apps is not easy. And as I want the blog to be “user friendly” and useful to the average IPod touch owner I am recommending you don’t attempt the hack just yet.
I will soon post an easy to fallow, step by step guide to using the hack.